A “Trip” to Japan


Sevi Callia, Staff Writer

On October 12th, our Chips Around Japan Club attended Japan Fest at NOMA. Here, the girls learned about and experience various forms of Japanese Culture. 

The day started off with the girls watching a drum demonstration before going to a Kimono showcase where the group learned how women got dressed in different kimonos for varying occasions. Around noon our Chapelle girls went to go eat Japanese food while listening to a band perform Japanese anime themes. They ended the day on a fashion show for the “Lolita” style of clothing and a Japanese temple demonstration. At the show, the models wore fashionable outfits which were inspired by Victorian-style and cute, modern clothes, and the demonstration allowed the girls to get a glance at a temple in Japan.

Many attendants at Japan Fest wore cosplays of their favorite characters from Japanese culture and our girls were no different. Juniors Carlee Lanson and Viviann Dang and Sophomore Isabella Jones all went as characters from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s film Howl’s Moving Castle. In addition, sophomore Paige Mayville dressed up as Ochaco Uraraka from the anime My Hero Academia. Many people loved their cosplays, even stopping to take pictures with them. 

Chips Around Japan is a C club and has its meetings in Mrs. Bachemin’s room. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Mrs. Bachemin or the club officers, Carlee Lanson, Isabella Jones, Viviann Dagng, Paris Carlos, and Sevi Callia.