Chapelle Chips Make Archbishop Rummel Homecoming Court!


Harlie Stevens

Recently, we had four of our own Chapelle students chosen for the Rummel homecoming court. Addison Arceneaux (queen), Madeline Vogt, Britney Barattini, and Lauren Derbes.

When asked about her initial reaction, Arceneaux said, “ My reaction was pure excitement. I cried tears of joy, and I was so thankful to hear my name being said as queen.” 


When questioned what she gained from this experience, Barattini said, “This year was crazy because of setbacks with Ida, so we had very crunched time to get all the outfits in, dances planned, and more. As it was easily a situation to make stressful instead of fun, but all of us had to remember that we’re never getting an experience like this again and to just enjoy every second of it, and we for sure did”.

Lauren Derbes reminisced on that special feeling by stating, “Seeing all of the people there who came to support me and hearing all of my friends and family cheering for me as I was walking on the field made me feel on cloud 9. I felt like a princess that night and I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I would not trade this experience for the world” 

Finally, Madeline Vogt discussed the importance of being able to show Raider Pride when saying, “My favorite part about being on Homecoming Court was being able to represent my brother school and support them in all they do! Walking down the field was such an amazing experience that I will never forget, and it showed me how to have true Raider Pride.” 

Again, a big congratulations to all of the girls who made the court this year. We enjoyed celebrating this achievement with you!