Chippy and the Chips Take on Disney World!


Sadie Faucheux

The Archbishop Chapelle Hi-Steppers and Cheerleaders were not the only Chapelle students travelling to Walt Disney World this past Mardi Gras! Our very own Chippy the Chipmunk got to experience the fun of Disney’s Magic Kingdom with some of her special friends!

After having this exciting trip cancelled during the previous Mardi Gras season due to Covid-19, all of our Chapelle girls were looking forward to finally celebrating in Walt Disney World. The Hi-Steppers and Cheerleaders travelled together and spent the entire week enjoying Mickey Pretzels, Rockin Rollercoasters, Disney Princesses, and of course giant buckets of popcorn. To add more fun to this vacation, both Cheerleaders and Hi-Steppers had the opportunity to perform at Disney Springs for guests and families. These performances were top-notch entertainment.

We hope our Chapelle students enjoyed this trip and made magical memories for a lifetime! Check out our gallery below to see what sort of trouble Chippy got herself into during her first visit to Magic Kingdom!