Seniors Sweep the Banners!


After the dust settled on a rainy Thursday afternoon in February, one could hear the joyous cries of the 2023 seniors relishing in their sweep of the Rally banners. The “Senior’s Say Goodnight” theme was admired by the judges and received first place in the following categories: Cheers, Silly Games, and Decorations. This class really came together for one last “hoorah” to make the most of their short time left at Chapelle.

However, it wasn’t just a show put on by the seniors, the sophomores took home their first-place banner in the Skit category. The eighth-graders also placed first in Attendance, winning themselves a banner in their first year participating in Rally.

The main goal of Rally this year was to take a step back from the constant “stress” that tends to show its face during these final days leading up to Rally. Students were now required to meet on campus for the allotted time to complete decorations and costumes. This helped take the weight off one individual’s shoulders and allowed students of many different friend groups to come together and show off their talents.

At the end of the day, some were left in tears of joy and some in sadness. However, we always have more fun times to look forward to….Did we mention that Challenge is just around the corner????


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