10 Necessities a Chipmunk MUST Have for a Successful Pep Rally!

Kyla Apostolakis

Have you ever been to the best pep rally? Well unless you go to Archbishop Chapelle High School, I don’t think you have. Pep rallies at Chapelle are truly amazing, and everyone deserves to experience at least one in their lifetime. Now if you are a Chapelle chipmunk and have never been to one of our pep rallies, here is a guide on 10 things a chipmunk needs for a pep rally.


  1. You need to know your cheers


Every chipmunk needs to know their cheers before coming to a pep rally because let’s be honest. Have you ever been to a pep rally with no cheering? I wouldn’t think so. You need to know as many cheers as possible in order to ensure a fun rally.


  1. Accessories for the theme


You should ALWAYS come decked out in the pep rally theme. Coming decked out in the theme makes the event ten times more fun, and shows that you have school spirit. 


  1. Excitement


All chipmunks should be excited the whole day of a pep rally, because it is something to look forward to. Chapelle’s pep rallies are one of a kind, and we have some of the best pep rallies ever!


  1. Spirit aka “Chipmunk Spunk” 


The moment you walk into the gym doors on the day of a pep rally, you should already be pumped about it. You should come fully dressed up, ready to be ebullient. 


  1. Friends


Pep rallies are fun, but sitting next to your friends makes it even more fun. You can laugh with each other, and cheer with each other. If you don’t have any friends or are not sitting by your friends, that means there is always an opportunity to make new friends. You can sit by new people and use this opportunity to grow closer to some of your classmates.


  1. Energy


When you are doing the cheers, you need to have the energy to jump around! There is no such thing as cheering without having the energy to do them. You need the energy to dress up, holler, and frolic.


  1. Optimism


When your fellow chipmunks are participating in the pep rally games, they need all your help to be hopeful for their win. They don’t want you to be doubtful, they want you to cheer them on and encourage them so that they know we really do want them to secure the win. 


  1. Voice


You can’t have a pep rally without using your voice. Between yelling out cheers, or cheering for your class playing games, you need to get loud and make sure everyone knows your grade is the most spirited!


  1. Sprit shakers


If you are a proud chipmunk, you already know all about our spirit shakers. Spirit shakers are decorated, empty water bottles with beads inside of them. When you shake them, they make a loud noise, hence the name spirit shakers. Every good pep rally needs these. You shake them when motivating your peers in games, yelling out cheers, or just when you have a lot of spirit. Spirit shakers play a key role in pep rallies.


  1. Gratitude 


And lastly, as much fun we really do have at pep rallies, we owe it all to our STUCO. They plan out all the fun games, and all the lively cheers we do. There would be no rally without our STUCO, and we have to remember to be grateful for all that they do. These moments won’t last forever, so it is important to enjoy these special occasions when they are provided. 


Now that you know everything you need for a Chapelle pep rally, go out there and make sure your class is the most spirited! Most importantly, don’t forget to spread the word, so everyone knows all about what they need for a rally.