10 Things to Accomplish Before Senior Year!

Evelyn Zajac

High school seems to fly by, and the biggest fear of teenagers today is not accomplishing everything before it’s over. Teens want to make the most of their school experience and have memories to last a lifetime. But what do you need to accomplish before senior year comes around? In this article, seniors share what they believe are the ten most important things to get done before graduation. 


1: Join Clubs

Almost all seniors agree that joining clubs is the number one thing to accomplish before senior year. As Carson Jeansonne states, “definitely get involved in school in some way. Maybe that means joining the garden club because that is something you enjoy or trying out for a sports team.” Another perk to joining clubs is meeting “new people that also share the same interests as you,” as Nyla Perrilloux describes. Madison Smith also says this by stating, “My involvement at Chapelle has blessed me with many memories, and I have met people that I now call my best friends.”


2: Attend Events 

Chapelle has many unique events to attend before and after school. Make sure to participate in these occasions, whether it is volleyball games, campus ministry nights, poster nights, or Challenge. You will make many great memories by coming to these events. 


3: Make Friends 

In senior Shayla Woodward’s words, ” Find your group of friends that are by your side for everything and support you in everything you do. People who will lift you up with whatever your future holds.”


4: Learn New Skills 

High school is a time to experiment and learn valuable lessons before college. Take time to learn needed life skills like cooking, laundry, and managing money. This will help you now and in the future. 


5: Explore Your Hobbies 

Ever dream of being an actress or becoming a singer? High school is a great time to explore your hobbies and find out what you genuinely love to do. 


6: Become a Leader  

Angelina Murphy shared her thoughts, “Before senior year, I think everyone should strive to hold a leadership position on campus. Being in charge of a leadership position has helped me to grow in public speaking, time management, and my own personal confidence. I think holding a position here on Chapelle’s campus brings lots of great memories and prepared me to be successful after I graduate.” 


7: Take Advantage of S Periods 

S periods are a great time to catch up on schoolwork or meet up with a teacher. Meeting up with a teacher can help you to understand the material and be prepared for your classes. 


8: Find the Right Electives For You 

Electives allow you to explore subjects you may want to pursue later in life or find out what won’t be a great fit. 


9: Attend a School Dance 

School dances are a time to get dressed up, hang out with friends, and dance the night away. These silly memories with last a lifetime, and the pictures will last longer. 


10: Have Fun (Make the Most of Your Time) 

Getting wrapped up in the events and assignments is easy, but enjoying yourself is the key to having an extraordinary high school experience. Without having fun, none of the other things on this list matter. Remember to enjoy yourself and relax. In the words of senior Carson Jeansonne, ” no matter what it may be it should bring you joy and make you love your school even more.”