Juniors Claim 2022 Rally Champs!


What can we say about Rally at Chapelle? There’s blood, sweat, tears, AND cheers. Rally has been a highly acclaimed event at Chapelle for several decades. It’s what brings grade levels together! With a category for everyone to get involved with, Rally is what makes Chapelle like no other. Categories including Silly Games, Skit, Cheers, and Decorations allow students to showcase their talents outside of the classroom. No matter where Chapelle alumnae go in life, they will always have to tell you about that one Rally experience that they will never forget!

The 2022 Rally season started off with high spirits. Each grade level voted on a theme and got to work. Seniors began their preparations by coming together to create ideas for their “Greatest Showman” theme. Sophomore’s were determined to make a come back and finally make themselves known with their “Neverland” theme. Freshman were excited to get started with their “Freshman Firehouse” ideas. The juniors were spending countless hours coming up with plans to showcase their “Married to Rally” theme. Finally, the eighth grade class began their trials of understanding the amount of dedication that is required, by voting on their “Friday Night Lights” theme.

All grade levels showed up and showed out this year! Eighth graders won their first banner which was attendance. The sophomores made a serious come back and placed in skit, and decorations categories. The seniors also took first place in cheers! Finally, it was the juniors who took home the trophy with a first place in Silly Games, Skit, and Decorations!

Win or lose,

this experience is something that everyone must experience as a Chipmunk! These girls truly showed their Chipmunk Pride that day and will cherish those memories for a lifetime.