Chipmunks Welcome Back Alumnae Teresa LaCour as English Teacher

Chipmunks Welcome Back Alumnae Teresa LaCour as English Teacher

Macy Lane

Have you ever wondered what made your teacher choose Education for their career? We sat down with our new English 8 teacher and Chapelle alumnae, Teresa LaCour to get to know her a little better.


Q: What made you choose to become a teacher?

A: “While I was working Chapelle summer camp in 2019, I realized that I wanted

to be in education! I loved being with my campers and creating activities

for them to do. In the prayer that school year, I felt the Lord inviting me to

become a teacher and He definitely provided, bringing me back to Chapelle!”


Q: Who inspired you to become a teacher?

A: “The teachers and professors that I had in school and college inspired me to

become a teacher! I was very blessed as a student to have so many teachers

who went above and beyond their jobs to teach us! One of my favorite

teachers from high school was my Biology teacher, Ms. Doody. Her passion for

science helped me to grow in my love of the subject.” 


Q: What makes a “good day” at Chapelle?

A: “A good day at Chapelle would be when my students are really excited (or

opinionated) about what happens in the stories we read in my class! I love

class discussions and debates.” 


Q: Since you are alumni of Chapelle, what was your favorite tradition, and is the tradition still here at Chapelle?

A: “My favorite tradition from Chapelle is definitely Christmas spirit week! I

 also love “It’s Your Day.” I got my day during Christmas spirit week my

senior year at Chapelle!”



Thank you, Ms. LaCour, for coming back to Chapelle and bringing all of your love and spirit back to Chapelle! 


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