A Tribute to the Class of 2019


Carina Swonger, '21, Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations, seniors!

You have accomplished so much as a class this year and throughout your time at Chapelle. You all are amazing athletes, musicians, artists, writers, actors, gamers, leaders, and so much more. You have set a wonderful example for all of us to follow in your footsteps. While we are excited to see you move on to a new chapter in your lives, you will be missed!

As they prepare to walk across the stage at graduation, here’s a quick look back on all the exciting things the seniors have done these last few weeks as Chipmunks.

Prom and Prom Fest

Countdown Spirit Days

Alumnae Inductions


So, seniors, as you go on your way, don’t forget a few key things:

  1. Chapelle will always be your home
  2. Deus (Always) Providebit
  3. No matter what, always shoot for the…


Thanks for everything! We will miss you. Good luck out there!

Love, Your Chipmunk Family

*For additional photos of events, please visit SmugMug or Chapelle’s social media pages*