Rally Photo Essay


Sevi Callia, '21, Staff Writer

Anyone who goes to Archbishop Chapelle High School can tell you how much of a big deal Rally is. From silly games to decoration, costumes and skit, Rally season is beaming with girls trying to make everything perfect. The 2018-2019 school year was no different. The seniors (Seniors Sail Away), juniors (Juniors and the Beast), sophomores (SophSmores), freshmen (Freshman and the Chocolate Factory) and 8th graders (8th Grade Goes Infinity and Beyond) all brought their A game to win those elusive Rally banners and trophy. Let us take a look back at Rally this year…

Sophomores Caroline Smith, Zoe Weber and Grace Dupuis portray Chapelle girls practicing their skit for Rally. In the script, Zoe forgot her lines to the dismay of the others since they thought the skit needed to be on par with a “Broadway production.”
















Seniors Molly Kyle, Abby Russo, Hannah Linss and Ashley Vogt take a group photo before beginning Silly Games. The Class of 2019 won not only the banner for this category but overall as well. Congratulations and great job, seniors!


The Class of 2020 erupts in cheers as they watch their Silly Games competitors. The Juniors went on to win the banner for decorations and placed 2nd overall in Rally.


The 8th graders put on their costumes and performed their cheers for their first Rally. Despite this fact, the Class of 2023 did a really good job in Rally this year and even won the banner for attendance! Way to go girls!


The Oompa Loompas from the freshmen’s skit are hard at work preparing for Rally. The Class of 2022’s theme presentation also included characters such as Woody Wonka (Mrs. Woodward mixed with Willy Wonka) and Violet who literally began to inflate.

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