VooBoo 2K18


Carina Swonger, '21, Copy Editor

VOOBOO, Chapelle’s festival of the year, took place on Friday, October 26, and was an afternoon to remember. From eighth graders to seniors and everyone in between, the day was filled with friendship, delicious picnics, artsy face paint and lots of memories. When asked about her favorite part of VOOBOO, sophomore class secretary Emma Dooley immediately said that it was “the performances and the anticipation leading up to them.” She added, “What makes VOOBOO special are the students and teachers who participate, whether it be on the stage or in front of it.” Ms. Emily Macaluso, the English III teacher and a first-time performer, was excited to get the full Chapelle experience. “I really enjoy showing off some sweet dance moves whenever I get the chance. Being a Student Council moderator, my favorite part was seeing all the performances before the day of VOOBOO and all of the hard work the girls put in to making their dances the best!” she said “Also, being fed by all my students was a major plus since I forgot my lunch that day,” she remarked.

Performances were rocked by the sophomores as Pentatonix, the juniors as Imagine Dragons, the seniors as Journey, E-Board as ABBA and the faculty as one-hit wonders. Dozens of adoring fans crowded the front of the stage, hollering as every new group took the spotlight and singing along at the top of their lungs. During the intermissions, everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and shared a meal with their friends.

Like many traditions at Chapelle, VOOBOO celebrates our Chipmunk sisterhood and lets us bond outside of the classroom. As always, VOOBOO was a blast and a great way to get into the spirit of fall!