Quizbowl Chips @ Xavier University


Sevi Callia, 2021, Staff Writer

Do you have a mind with a knack for memorizing trivial facts about history, science, books, arts, and more? If so, then Quizbowl is the club for you! Our Chapelle team recently competed in the Louisiana Quiz Bowl Association’s Fall Kickoff tournament at Xavier University in New Orleans. During the seven rounds, Chapelle’s A and B teams had their knowledge from biology to current politics thoroughly tested. 

Our A team consisted of Juniors Sevi Callia, Amber Corb, Hannah Hauck, and Senior Megan Meyer, while our B team was Junior Viviann Dang, 8th grader Abbigail Winingham, and Seniors Taylor Talbert and Amanda Darda. Each team was formed keeping in mind each student’s strengths in a subject. By having at least one person cover science, history, English, pop culture, and other categories, our teams managed to place in the top twenty out of thirty-two. Way to go, Quizbowl chips!

The way Quizbowl is set up is that there are twenty toss-up style questions where anyone on the two teams competing can buzz in to answer. If the buzzer gets the question right, his or her team gets three bonus questions about a completely different topic. Just to give you an idea of what questions are asked during a round, Junior and Quizbowl Vice-President Hannah Hauck said the most surprising moment for her was  “Definitely when I knew that Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War. When Mr. Wooderson asked me how I knew it, I told him, ‘I saw it on Bring It On: In It to Win It, and thought it would be a fun read.’” While the questions may be obscure, people considering the club should not be deterred. As Hannah went on to state, “Do it. Don’t be scared. It is all just random knowledge that you may or may not have come across in your life. Give it a try.”

When asked to comment on the tournament, Junior and President of Quizbowl Amber Corb stated, “Of course we had fun! My favorite part was the fact that we beat our school record for the number of games won!” She believes she and her teammates have improved since joining the club saying, “I think I’ve learned a lot more, but I’ve also just become more confident in my abilities.”