Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Powers


 Ms. Powers has been nominated by The Word for Spotlight Teacher for the Month of November. She is Chapelle’s “Intro to Algebra” teacher for 8th graders.  Ms. Powers discussed her enjoyment of teaching 8th graders by saying,  “I loved 8th grade and always wanted to teach this grade level, and I was able to teach 8th grade here, so Chapelle worked out perfectly.” When asked if she had any desire to teach another class, she responded, “No, I would not want to teach a different class. I enjoy teaching Introduction to Algebra.” She has a sister who is a junior here at Chapelle, and “ loved the idea of working at the same school that she went to.” Ms. Powers didn’t attend Chapelle personally but always knew about it through friends and growing up in the New Orleans area her whole life. 

We asked Ms. Powers what advice she would give to incoming students. She stated,  “I would tell them how Chapelle is like a family, and that their teachers are always there to help them!” We also asked her if she had an idol growing up, “I always looked up to my mom (and still do) because she is always helping me, always on my side, and would do anything for me.” I think all of us here see our mom as our hero.

In order to get to know her more, we asked Ms. Powers a few personal questions. We discovered that she has two cats which she loves to death and a new fiance. Ms. Powers also likes to go to the gym, especially on the weekends when she can go with her fiance. She goes at different times, from Monday to Thursday, depending on when she can go, but it’s her favorite time of day besides teaching 8th Grade.  She likes watching Netflix and going to fun restaurants when she isn’t busy. Ms. Powers also has a habit of talking with her hands, which makes her teaching very entertaining.