“Scientia Omnia Vincit”: Knowledge Conquers All


Sevi Callia, '21 and Tori Register, '22, Staff Writers

Salvete Omnia!

The Latin Chips and those in the Junior Classical League kicked off February 2019 by competing against other schools from across Southeastern Louisiana in a Latin Quiz Bowl tournament, also known as Certamen, hosted here at Chapelle. Each of the three rounds thoroughly tested the competitor’s knowledge of Latin grammar, Classical history, Classical Mythology, and Classical geography learned in class. In the end, Chapelle’s Latin scholars managed to place first in the Advanced Category (Hannah Hauck, Amber Corb, Sevi Callia, Brenna Macaluso and Megan Meyer), third in the Intermediate (Tori Register, Katelyn Bussey, Shannon Weiss, and Emily LaCour), and third also in Beginner (Erin Hill, Malaya Jones, Molly Mangiapane, Mary Salvaggio, and Marie Rohli). 

When asked her opinion on the event, JCL president and sophomore Hannah Hauck said, “I love that we were able to host a competition at Chapelle because it’s always easier and more comfortable to compete where you feel at home. For our JCL only being two years old, we jumped into this world with open arms, and I hope we continue going to bigger and better places in the future.”

“It was a really fun experience,” freshman Shannon Weiss also commented. “If you are enrolled in Latin, you should check it out next time!”

Special thanks to the JCL moderator Mrs. Montemurro for overseeing the competition and Ms. Kametani for taking time out of her Saturday to chaperone. We really appreciate your commitment to the Chapelle girls.

Also, if you are interested in possibly taking a Latin course or joining the Junior Classical league here at Chapelle, please contact Mrs. Montemurro or go talk to some friends you may have who take the class. Eighth grader Mary Salvaggio highly recommends it by saying, “It’s surprising how many English words you know come from a Latin root, and Mrs. Montemurro makes the class so fun with games and projects. It’s not just all language.”