Future Chips Enjoy Their Day As A Chapelle “Spendy”


Sadie Faucheux

“Chapelle Spend-a-Day” is an honored tradition at Archbishop Chapelle High School. During a Chapelle Spend-a-Day, a  future chipmunk is paired up with a current Chapelle student and gets to learn the ins and outs of Chapelle by actually following that student’s schedule. The “Spendy” also participates in rally games and is decked out in their future class colors. I got the chance to interview one of our guests; her name is Ella Beaudean. Ella is in the 7th grade at St. Mary Magdalen; She was super excited to be here today, and she said that her favorite part of the day was getting to play shoe find during S period. We are so happy to hear about Ella enjoying her day here at Chapelle! That is a wrap on Spend-a-Day for this semester, but if you still want to experience Chapelle chipmunk pride, head over to www.chapellenews.org to continuously be updated on Archbishop Chapelle current events!