The Medical Field’s Next Generation


Sevi Callia, '21, Staff Writer

Doctors and nurses’ daily lives can be rollercoasters. Some may spend their mornings discussing healthy lifestyles with teenage patients and then end up finishing an emergency surgery before lunch. In order to be prepared for these diverse medical issues, students must be trained via in-depth hospital simulations. On February 18th, Chapelle’s Anatomy and Physiology students had the chance to tour one such simulation center at Ochsner.

Our  Chipmunks got hands-on experience with advanced testing dummies which, as Senior Brooke Scardino reports, “were able to portray certain scenarios. They could speak, had a heartbeat, could flatline, and bleed. The dummies ranged from adult-sized to a twenty-seven week newborn.” These “patients” allowed the students to partake in intense moments such as administering CPR or delivering a baby via emergency C-section. These Chipmunks really got to know what it felt like to be a professional.

When asked about the trip, senior Paris DeGruy commented, “One thing I learned from the experience was that I am going to be in school forever, but it will be worth it in the end…it showed me why I wanted to be a doctor.”

The Anatomy and Physiology course, taught by Mrs. Doody, explores the body and give students a taste of what the medical field has in store. According to senior Brooke Scardino, “We’re learning topics that we can actually use on a daily basis because it’s all about the human body. The class is also super hands-on: we take field trips, we have so many guest speakers, and we do labs to help us learn more about anatomy.” If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Mrs. Doody or any of the current Seniors enrolled.