A Week of Pink


Tori Register, '22, Staff Writer

Chapelle’s annual Pink Week for breast cancer awareness was filled with activities and fundraisers to support those searching for a cure. The week before, socks and shirts were sold, homeroom representatives put up their door decorations, and the halls were lined with pink decorations. Everyone was building excitement for the beginning of Pink Week and all the things to come from it.

Pink Week started strong with a Pep Rally and Fashion Contest. Students came decked out in their Pink Week shirts, socks, and pink accessories. Purchases of pink ribbons, treats, and raffles went on during lunch. At the end of the day, each grade level came together to compete for spirit points and support their classmates in a full-on pink fashion contest and pep rally hosted by the sophomore and junior class officers. New cheers were presented that had everyone on their feet and trying their hardest to be the loudest grade. The fashion contest had everyone in awe as three people from each grade strutted their stuff like nobody was watching.  After a round of judging, senior, freshman, and eighth grade finalists were selected. When the judges could not decide on one winner, the settled the fashion contest with a tie. By the end of the rally announcements, Mrs. Woodward announced with joy that they had sold all but three pairs of socks that were originally ordered, raising a gargantuan amount of money to be donated for the search for a cure. It was also announced afterward that the 8th grade and Seniors took home the spirit points. All grades fought spectacularly hard and showed how dedicated they are when it comes to working as a unit.

On Tuesday, students once again came in their pink socks as the purchasing of treats, ribbons, and raffle tickets continued on throughout lunch. The Pink Week picnic was supposed to happen outside in the field next to the gym, but due to the weather was moved inside where music was played and everyone danced and sang along with friends. Many students also showed up with friends and family for Mooyah night, enjoying the discount they received from being a part of Chapelle. Wednesday, students wore their pink socks with the addition of Dutch blue and seafoam green accessories in honor of Senior Night. Purchases of raffle tickets, ribbons, and treats kept going as a game of Flamingo Kickball took place during lunch with 8th graders, Freshman, and Seniors against Sophomores and Juniors.

During the last day of Pink Week, students came for the last time for the year in their pink week attire and accessories. For the last time, purchases of treats, ribbons, and raffle tickets were made during lunch. At the end of the day, students came together to have fun at the Pink Week tailgate and support our Chips in the Chapelle vs. Mount Carmel game. Our Chapelle team fought valiantly, but Mount Carmel came up in the end and took the win. But that does not mean we should lose hope! Those searching and fighting for a cure don’t, and neither should we.

Pink Week sadly ended but left everyone with fond memories for the future. Everyone had an amazing time and were looking forward to VOOBOO the next day. Every Chip will be looking forward to next year’s Pink Week, which will be even better than this year’s.