An End to a Great Season!


Evelyn Zajac

The Chapelle Hi-stepper’s season has ended, but not without a grand finale. On March 25, the Division III state champs invited family, friends, and future chipmunks to their annual Spring Fling. The team performed a remarkable total of 22 dances. Five of these performances were created by different grade levels. This allows each grade to show off their unique personality and talents. The girls also performed their award-winning competition numbers one last time. During a brief intermission, The dancers were in shock when their coach, Stacey Woodward, class of 96, took to the gym floor with her team of moms. Laughing and smiling, these moms impressed their daughters with some incredible moves. Finishing up the night, the Hi-steppers showed off their camp dances. They learned these routines at the American All-Star university camp this past summer. The audience was filled with many Hi-stepper alumni. The past Hi-steppers were there to support the team, and celebrate Stacey’s 20th year as coach. The alumni joyously performed the Hi-stepper’s traditional stop routine, which the Hi-steppers have danced at parades for over 20 years. This dance connects all Hi-steppers past, present, and future as one sisterhood. Although it is sad to see the championship season end and say goodbye to the seniors, the Hi-steppers can not wait for auditions on April 8th. They love welcoming new dancers into the loving sisterhood.