Sophomores Grow as a Class at Camp Abbey Retreat


Mattie Mayeux

The sophomore retreat was an excellent bonding experience for our class. This year, it was held at Camp Abbey in Covington. It was filled with beautiful trails and lots of fun activities. These fun activities would include playing games and connecting with classmates. We went on awesome hikes, saw creeks, and small beaches. The class loved the creeks, and we would all stick our feet in the water and run around.  Students brought disposable cameras to capture their favorite moments.  We were all really present in the moment since we were distanced from our phones. This retreat was filled with laughter and really brought the sophomores together as one. The spiritual part of the retreat is something that each of the sophomores will take back home with them. Adoration was a beautiful time to really think about life and get closer with our faith. Camp Abbey has a beautiful chapel, and it was very calming. We had a bonfire after adoration. Some classmates shared scary stories. We all laughed and ate smores. The most important thing about this retreat was really getting closer in our faith journey, and being with our classmates. However, this retreat will be unforgettable for many more reasons. The teachers thought it would be funny if they pulled an April fools prank on us. This will be an unforgettable retreat and as we get older we will continue to make memories with our class, and come closer together.