Reflection: Seniors Meet Jesus

The Class of 2019 Attends Senior Retreat


Gabriella Sheafer, '19, Staff Writer

On the bus ride to Camp Abbey, my classmates and I could not wait to get to the camp and share our symbols. Every second of the ride, my classmates were happy and cheerful. When we arrived, we got our bag and went to the cabin to claim our beds. Shortly after that, we all met in the meeting hall to get in our groups and go for a Bible verse scavenger hunt.

My biggest takeaway from this retreat was that God purposely made everything no matter how small. After a few speakers and dinner, we received a yellow envelope with letters from our family, friends and little sis. It amazes me that often I forget how much everyone loves and supports me. I really enjoyed how highly people thought of me and how capable they thought I was. This retreat was the best retreat I have attended. The Senior Class of 2019 made my life change for the better.