Music in Bloom

Tori Register, '22, Staff Writer

Over the course of four long and eventful months, our music Chips worked tirelessly to put on a concert that they will never forget. On the 24th of April, the Chapelle choir groups and Raider Band ensembles put on a spectacular show that was open to everyone in the public. Each group performed songs that were both well-known and very beautiful, which ranged from “Mack the Knife” by the Jazz Band to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Chorale and everything in between. Every student involved in the concert took time out of their busy schedule to practice each piece of music and make sure that it was perfect before the actual concert. All those who attended the concert had a great experience being able to appreciate and support the girls and boys who took the effort to entertain others. Each group did wonderful in their individual sections and truly made all of their hard work worth it. It is highly recommended that, when the next concert comes around and time permits, you attend the next concert and be wowed by how amazing our music Chips are.

The groups who performed that night were the Intermediate Choir, Chorale, Showstoppers, Chorale soloists and small groups, Beginning Band, the Raider Concert Band, the Raider Indoor Percussion Ensemble, and the Raider Jazz Band.