Welcome to “Schoolhouse Rock Live!”


Sevi Callia, '21, Staff Writer

Chapelle’s Thalians definitely had a lot on their plate this year: the group started their season with Shakespeare and wrapped up the school year with a musical! The last weekend of April, these girls donned their costumes to perform School House Rock Live! JR. Based on the classic songs of School House Rock, the musical followed a teacher named Tanya (senior Asha Altemus) as she prepared for her first day on the job. She was assisted in the daunting task by all the crazy ideas in her head, which were personified as eight different people.

The musical itself embraced the quirky and creative feeling of the original with its colorful costumes and numerous props. Sophomore Emily LaCour got in full character for “I’m Just a Bill” by dressing in a homemade bill costume, sophomore Kate Dantagnan was fully patriotic as Lady Liberty in “Great American Melting Pot,” and sophomore Hannah Hauck embodied the spirit of Elvis for “Circulation.” Other songs required more object driven props, such as when sophomore Amber Corb held a Barbie in a space suit as Janet in “Interplanet Janet.” Cast member freshman Katelyn Bussey stated her favorite part of the production was in a similar situation when she pretended to play a real saxophone in “Three is a Magic Number.” She said, “It was one of the first things any of my family or friends who saw the show brought up.”

The performers agree this year’s productions gave them valuable theatrical experience. Hannah Hauck comments, “I feel like we have hit both highs and lows because of performing Shakespeare and a musical. They are two extremely different things, and the feeling of performing each of them is indescribable… I have to say, being in a musical was so much easier than Shakespeare. A musical gave us opportunities to discover each other’s talents, and it taught us to be more confident in ourselves. I am so thankful that we were given the opportunities to perform such diverse acts this year.”

Also special shoutout to the crew (sophomores Carlee Lanson, Sevi Callia, Emma Bourgeois, and Claire Keller) as well as stage manager (senior Madison Smith). They handled all the backstage work, which really made the play a reality.

If you would like more information about Thalians, contact Ms. Butera, Mrs. Montemurro, or any of the Thalians officers (Hannah Hauck, Amber Corb, Emily LaCour, Morgan Espenan, and Sevi Callia). Way to go, Drama Chips!