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Thalians Members Host Improv Night

Sevi Callia, '21, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 17, our Chapelle Thalians presented a spectacular night of improv that filled the theater with laughter. Having no preparation for the scenes they would have to perform, the girls on the green and pink teams had to quickly conceive comical events to get a laugh. If you missed it, here is a recap of some of the night’s most memorable moments.

The audience got a kick out of the show! Sophomore Emily LaCour, a student in the audience, thought that the performance was very entertaining. “Movie Review was my favorite part because seniors Madison Smith and Robin Torres are a great comedic duo,” she said. “Their guru impressions were hilarious. Also, sophomores Morgan Espenan and Amber Corb trying to act out whatever crazy thing they came up with was so chaotic and fun.”

The night was also filled with many other amusing moments like “A Day in the Life” where senior Asha Altemus interviewed sophomore Hannah Hauck’s mother and the girls acted out what she said. According to Hannah, the pink team did an accurate job of reenacting the wackiness of a normal day in her family’s life. She says her favorite part was when Amber (acting as Hannah) asked Madison (acting as her mother) to drive and Madison abruptly refused. The green team, on the other hand, did a great job in the game “Fairytale Minute.” They performed their rendition of Cinderella in a minute, thirty seconds, fifteen seconds, and then ten seconds. The chaos of the girls flinging themselves across the stage as the story unfolded surely gave the audience an experience they won’t forget.

As for the actresses themselves, many expressed relief when the audience reacted positively to their jokes. All the girls wanted to perform well for their audience, but they had to work to do so with numerous practices before and after school to hone their improvisation skills. They all sensed that they have been adequately challenged by doing this show. In the words of Amber Corb, “I’m really thankful for this opportunity we have through Thalians and Mrs. Montemurro. Being able to go to improv helps better our acting ability, so I’m really glad we have it.”

If you are interested in learning more about Thalians and upcoming events for the club (such as the next play A Comedy of Errors) please go see either Ms. Shelby Butera or Mrs. Samantha Montemurro. We have a very talented theater group, so please go out and support them in the future!

Sevi Callia
Sevi Callia
Sevi Callia