A Glimpse into Open House


Tori Register, '22, Staff Writer

Every year for future Chipmunks, Chapelle holds an Open House, a time where those girls and their families can take a tour of campus and learn about courses and extracurricular activities they might want to do. Many weeks of hard work and effort were put into making sure the event would provide an inclusive glimpse into the Chapelle experience. Students signed up for various roles during Open House night and took time out of their busy schedules to run through the routes or to prepare for their demonstrations. Teachers, staff, and maintenance worked tirelessly to have the classrooms, hallways and even the bathrooms in their best shape. A video was filmed in which students and teachers were interviewed about their school and highlighted some of the biggest events that happen during the school year. An assortment of performances by our dance teams, cheerleaders and band were in the works as two speakers, sophomore Hannah Hauck and junior Lauren Nash, gave an insight into what their Chapelle experiences have been like.

In what seemed like only a few days, Open House night had arrived, and the final touches were made to give future Chips the best experience of what our school is like. The turnout of families was tremendous as they filed in through the gym doors while our performance groups entertained. Our two speakers did a tremendous job sharing their stories while the video added to their summary of how great Chapelle is. When the tours started, the setup crew went to work quickly to prepare the displays in the gym so the families could get to see all of the clubs offered.

The night went off without a hitch and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone at Chapelle did a spectacular job with Open House and will hopefully be seeing some familiar faces of the night become future Chips!