Let’s Hear it for Homecoming Court!


Olivia Myer and Nicole Hartel

In October, six Chapelle students were rewarded with the achievement of making the homecoming court for Archbishop Rummel High School and Brother Martin High School. Carina Swonger, Kate Dantagnan, Ella Theriot, Gabrielle Corona, and Emma Filostrat were elected for Archbishop Rummel’s Homecoming Court while Ashley Hebert was elected for Brother Martin’s Homecoming Court. Here’s what a few of the girls had to say about how this special moment felt and what they look forward to most.

“I decided to run for Rummel Homecoming court because of the deep love my family and I have for Archbishop Rummel. As a proud student of Archbishop Chapelle High School, it was such an honor and blessing to be able to represent my brother school. I was simply just so excited! I was so happy to grow closer to my other sisters that were on the court and deepen my love for Rummel and Chapelle through the experience. So many things! I was so excited to go shopping with some of my close friends and family. I was also so excited to grow closer with the girls on the court and different people in the Archbishop Rummel community. I was so excited and eager to make memories that I knew I would never forget. It truly is all just so much fun! I am most looking forward to GAME DAY, of course, and getting to do a Chapelle/Rummel E-Board President waltz at the homecoming dance! I have! My dress is white with flower tank-style sleeves! I cannot wait to wear it!”                            – Kate Dantagnan

“I decided to run for homecoming court because I have been an active supporter since before high school and have gone to many events at Brother Martin. I was jumping up and down with excitement when I got that phone call that I made court. I am most excited about walking across the field and taking a bunch of pictures with my friends and family that support me at the game. I am looking forward to the court presentation at the homecoming dance and getting to do a special dance during homecoming. I have a few options when it comes to dresses but for the most part they are all white, one has a lot of detail on it that I like the most but don’t want to give too much away. ” – Ashley Hebert

“I am most looking forward to leaving my own legacy at Rummel. Through my time and leadership, I hope to make an impression on everyone I meet. Along with my brother Diego, who is a sophomore, I hope that we make a positive impact that will last at Rummel for years to come. I could not believe my ears! If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to be the homecoming queen, I would have laughed at you! I never pictured myself as “Raider Royalty.” I was always that dorky kid who showed up to band practice and then ran to the theater for rehearsal! It made me so happy that the Rummel boys voted for me and my friends because we all work so hard for the Raider community. I could not stop smiling all day. Some days I wake up and still can’t believe it happened!” – Carina Swonger