Let’s Give a Hand to the Raider Band!


Happy January, Chipmunks! It’s time for our club of the month… the Raider Band!

The Raider Band is a co-educational program in partnership with Archbishop Rummel High School. The band is made up of Chipmunks and Raiders in grades 8-12 who play a variety of instruments, from winds to strings to percussion. The band rehearses and performs all year round at football and basketball games, pep rallies, marching festivals, concerts, community fairs and galas, parades, and so much more. Most recently, the marching band earned superior and excellent ratings at the LMEA District VI festival, performed at the football state championship, and put on a stellar Christmas concert at Chapelle. They are led by directors Christian Bautista from Rummel, Dr. Nick “Doc” Compagno from Chapelle, and assistant directors Tim Primes and Nic Broussard. The band also prides itself on its strong student leadership, boasting one of the largest and most incredible teams of student officers on campus. 

To get a closer look at how the band program impacts the lives of its members, we interviewed this year’s band president, Lauren Pete.

Q: “Why did you decide to be in band?”

A: “I decided to join band because one of my dearest friends saw great potential in me and encouraged me to join. As an eighth-grader, I was enrolled in Beginning Band, a class a Chapelle student can take if she is interested in learning how to read music and play an instrument of her choice. As I entered my last quarter of Beginning Band, my mind began to fill with doubts. I was not sure if I would fit in with the rest of the Raider Band. Lauren Stevens, a member of Archbishop Chapelle High School’s class of 2018, really wanted me to join the club. She began to give me mini instrumental lessons and introduced me to many of her close friends from the band. I soon felt more confident in developing my musicianship, and, more importantly, I found a new second home!”

Q: “How do you feel knowing the band got chosen as club of the month?”

A: “I feel extremely proud knowing band got club of the month! Each of us has been working super hard since July, and many of our first-year members have made a considerable amount of progress in his or her performance skills! Moments like these make me feel blessed to be a part of such a talented band.”

Q: “How often does band meet?” 

A: “For marching and concert rehearsals, the band meets after school at Archbishop Rummel High School on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The rehearsals usually last from 3:30 in the afternoon to 5:30 in the afternoon. The band also meets during times outside of the usual rehearsal schedule for football games or competitions.”

Q: “What would you tell someone who’s considering joining band?” 

A: “To anyone who is considering joining the Raider Band, go for it! The idea might seem intimidating at first, but I can guarantee you that you will make lifelong friends, develop leadership skills, and broaden your musical interests. It is an amazing way to get involved at school!”

Stay tuned to announcements to hear about upcoming opportunities to see the Raider Band perform, and don’t forget to follow the band on Instagram @archsband for updates. Go, music Chips!