Pink Week 2019

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One of the best traditions at Chapelle is our Pink Week. During this time, the school comes together and donates money toward fighting Breast Cancer. This year we raised $11,000 for Tulane Medical Center! Way to go Chips! We were able to raise this large amount by selling Pink Week shirts, socks, pink lemonade, and ribbons over the course of the week, as well as the proceeds of our Pink Week game. Let’s take a look at how the week went….

During the Pink Week Pep Rally, every grade competed in the game “Over and Under.” Each girl worked with her peers to pass the ball from one to another, resulting in a fun competition that the girls enjoyed doing.

Also, during the Pink Week Pep Rally, every grade cheered and yelled as the Student Council led them in repeat-after-me cheers, while rooting for their grade to win a spirit point


In the Pep Rally, teachers race, trying to get their grades a spirit point. The students cheer their teachers on.

In the Pep Rally, groups get together to make beautiful clothes for their models. Each grade shows off their models in a fashion show.

During the Pep Rally, two girls from each grade participate in the Memory Game. Each pair of girls tried to win their grade a spirit point, which resulted in lots of fun.

Also, during the Pep Rally, a person from each grade tries to eat a donut on a string without using her hands. As her grade cheered her on, the girls hurry to eat their donuts.

During the Pep Rally, the JV and Varsity team performed for the students of Chapelle. As the School cheers them on, they perform beautifully with the High-Stepper captains.