Class of 2020’s Big Decision

Tiffany Hamburger, '20, Photography Editor

This past February, the juniors, soon to be seniors, chose their senior sweater color and the thread color. There were many options, and as the first voting day took place, many girls chose colors like charcoal grey, cardinal red, mulberry, and passion pink. When the votes came in, it was discovered that there would be a runoff between cardinal red and passion pink. With half of the class lobbying for passion pink and the other half hoping for cardinal red, everything was chaos! In the end, when the juniors waited for Mrs. Woodward to announce their senior sweater color, the girls were on the edge of their seats hoping that the color they voted for was the winner, but alas only one sweater color would win. Cardinal red was announced, with many girls cheering and being absolutely thrilled that the gorgeous red was chosen!

Next came the choosing of the thread color. Once again, there were all the colors one could imagine. Many girls liked blues and pearls; while voting took place, girls tried to convince their friends to vote for a specific color. Eventually, the two colors that tied for the runoff were pale blue and pearl. All the students voting were hoping for their color, and in the end, pearl was the winner!

The senior sweaters will be cardinal red with pearl writing. Even though some of the girls were very sad about their color selections, they will certainly be happy no matter what because those will be their colors: the colors of the Class of 2020.